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The coaching program for Purpose-Driven Moms who are ready to RECLAIM their bodies, health, and energy and sustain it as a LIFESTYLE…. without restriction, dieting, or living in the gym.

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I get you, Mama...

★  You may appear confident to the world, but you want to feel that INNER CONFIDENCE in your body.

★  You’re so good at giving to everyone else, but it’s a challenge to pour into you.

★  You are a busy go-getter, but feel drained of energy at the end of the day when you’d like to be present with your family.

★  You have BIG DREAMS for your life and no longer want your physical/emotional limitations to stop you.

★  You value health and want to lead by example for your kids.

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I get you because I used to feel the same way.


My clients used to feel the same way too before they joined IFA

Ignite Fitness Academy

Real Lifestyle Tranformations




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After years of working as a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist I recognized that while my clients were seeing great results WITH me, few of them sustained it long term afterward.

I was determined to create a solution where I could help women not just see results WITH me, but learn to create RESULTS they were confident would LAST.


This birthed IGNITE Fitness Academy & the IGNITE Method

Tova Eastman
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The IGNITE Method is a unique formula we take our clients through to not just see “results,” but to create SUSTAINABLE results.


Inside our Entry level 6-month program, you go through

the unique 6-step IGNITE Method for Busy Moms…

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ncrease Awareness

utritional Accuracy

ransform Your Energy

ain Confidence

ntentional Time


levate Your Habits

     into a Lifestyle

Clients who have experienced the IGNITE Method….

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Here’s a quick peek into what’s in store for you when you join IFA….

Tova Eastman

★  6 Months of customized workouts tailored to your goals, stage of life, and fitness level inside our app (this includes specialty pregnancy & postpartum programs).


★  Tailored nutritional guidance using our individual habit-building approach.


★  Personal STRATEGY, HEALTH, & MINDSET coaching and 1-1 ACCOUNTABILITY.


★  Weekly Live Mastermind Coaching with Tova


★  Access to full Course Modules, guiding you through the 6-Step IGNITE Method


★  Access to the private IFA community Whatsapp & Facebook group

So many of our clients doubted that this was really possible for them before joining… Check out what happened after they went

ALL IN on themselves…

40 lbs down at age 67!

50 lbs down in under 6 months with Hashimotos

Meet the  IFA Coaching Team

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Nechama is our Head of Delivery

& Client Success!


She is a certified Health and Life Coach and a busy mom of five! Nechama specializes in time management, and is the queen of efficiency!


Dalia is one of our client

transformation coaches!


She is an adventurous world traveler and is a health coach who specializes in behavioral psychology and stress management. She has sustained her health routines through years of travel, life changes, and various continents and helps our clients create lasting health transformations throughout all stages of life!